The Central Axis and the Performing Arts -The 2023 Beijing Central Axis International Art Week to be held in August

The 2023 Beijing Central Axis International Art Week will be held in Beijing from August 19 to 27.Under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureauand the Beijing Municipal Office for Conservation and Management of Beijing Central Axis, it is co-organizedby the Beijing Central Axis Protection Foundationand Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., and undertakenby Beijing Artists ManagementCo., Ltd., and funded by the Zhongteng Fund jointly established by the Beijing Central Axis Protection Foundationand Tencent. It will stage 22 performancescovering such categories as stage dramas, dance dramas, concerts, traditional Chinese operas, and shadow puppets, as well as more than 10 activities such as the theatrical carnival, Night Talk of the Central Axis, citywalks, immersivetours at museums, and visits to former residences of celebrities.

The 2023 Beijing Central Axis International Art Week is centered around"performing arts." During the nine-day Art Week, 22 performances and activities will be staged at the theaters on the Central Axis, includingBeijing TianqiaoPerformingArts Center, Capital Theatre, Dahua City Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing Concert Hall, and Jixiang Theater. The Art Weekwill be opened by the Peking Opera “The Disappeared Wedding Dress of the Dragon Lady – Big Monsters in the Forbidden City,” which will be followed by "Natu Returningto the SongRegime," local traditional opera performances ofBeijing, the drama "Lao Li's Fantasy of Love," the Yue Opera "Dream of the Red Mansion," the Irmina Trynkosand Pavel TimofeyevskyDuo Concert, the shadow puppetshows"Shadow Box Journey"and"The Cat God in the Forbidden City," and the contemporary dance show "Beijing Sonata", covering nearly 10 art categories.

The Art Week will be run through by a series of activities. Focusing on the topic of the Central Axisand theatrical topics, the 2023 Beijing Central Axis International Art Week will invite experts and scholars in different fields and participants interested inthe Central Axis culture to participate in night talkson theCentral Axis, tell stories about the dramatists and folk culture alongthe Central Axis,and bringthe Central Axiscloser to the general public with vivid stories. In addition, sociologists will be invitedto take the participantsto two citywalks themed onthe Central Axis, including visits tothe former residences of Mei Lanfang, Tan Xinpei, and Cheng Changgeng, and to the century-old theatersZhengyi Temple, Anhui Guild Hall, and Jixiang Theater.

Bringing together tradition and modernity, the 2023 Beijing Central Axis International Art Week will inject elements and vitality of the new era into cultural heritage, display the artistic stylesalongtheCentral Axis, disseminate the culture of the Central Axis, and let the glorious tangible and intangible cultural heritage on theCentral Axis shine together.


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