CCB Consumer Finance Co., Ltd, Initiated by BSAM, Started Operation in Beijing

On June 30, 2023, opening ceremony of CCB Consumer Finance Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CCB Consumer Finance”), which was initiated and established by BSAM, was held in Beijing.

With registered capital of RMB 7.2 billion, led by China Construction Bank Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “China Construction Bank”) and initiated and established by BSAM and Wangfujing Group Co., Ltd, CCB Consumer Finance is the first consumer finance company led by the four state-owned banks and domiciled in Beijing. CCB Consumer Finance will focus on resident consumption upgrading needs and emerging consumption patterns, implement the concept of inclusive finance, offer innovative products and services, and meet diversified and multi-level consumer needs.

In BSAM, which is a hundred-billion-level state-owned operational investment company in Beijing, five business divisions have shaped up with full-fledged resource advantages in recent years, i.e., finance; energy conservation and environmental protection; park development, operation and management; culture and sports; and information services. BSAM goes all out for rendering high-quality services to join the functional construction of “Four Centers” and contribute to “Five Moves” in sync. At the opening ceremony, Zhang Jie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC BSAM Committee and General Manager of BSAM, said that the establishment of CCB Consumer Finance is not only an important move for BSAM to actively contribute to the strategy of boosting domestic demand, but also a cornerstone for upholding “Putting the People First”, constantly providing high-quality consumer environment and consumer products for the local and nationwide people and continuously meeting the people’s growing needs for a better life. Moreover, this also lays the foundation for further expanding cooperation fields and achieving win-win development together with China Construction Bank, which will inject new impetuses to optimizing the layout of Beijing financial industry and infuse new momentums for Beijing’s development in the new era.

After participating in the establishment of CCB Consumer Finance, BSAM has invested in many financial industry segments, such as banking, securities, trust, fund, property rights transaction, guarantee, re-guarantee, financial leasing, non-performing assets acquisition and disposal, microcredit, consumer finance, etc. BSAM further bolsters its inherent ability to propel high-quality development of Beijing financial industry.

In recent years, BSAM has unleashed the advantages of diversified industrial clusters and constantly made efforts in fueling Beijing’s construction of international consumption center city, which has enjoyed a profound foundation up to now. BSAM brings together National Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”), Beijing National Aquatics Center (“Water Cube”/“Ice Cube”), National Speed Skating Oval (“Ice Ribbon”) and other Olympics venues; Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co. Ltd and other science and technology park development enterprises; Beijing Xinlongfu Culture Investment Co., Ltd, Beijing Nanhai Sport Park and other cultural and sports parks; Beiao Group, Beijing Artists Management Corp., Ltd and other cultural and sports enterprises organizing large-scale events and offering top-quality performing arts contents, information technology companies, as well as CapInfo Company Ltd, Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd and other information technology enterprises. These resource advantages will provide CCB Consumer Finance with a variety of consumption scenario resources and digital technology supports.

In the future, BSAM will constantly give full play to its own advantages, accelerate the integration of consumer credit and consumption scenario, achieve the effective integration of platforms, scenarios and users and the organic connection of data chain, industrial chain and value chain, reap win-win fruits in the process of promoting the steady development of CCB Consumer Finance, jointly implement the policies of expanding domestic demand and stimulating consumption together with other central enterprises and other municipal state-owned enterprises, actively help Beijing develop into global benchmark city for digital economy and international consumption center city, and play the role of a state-owned enterprise in Beijing’s economic and social development.

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