BSAM Has Successfully Got Official Approval for Exchange-based Cascade-type Corporate Bonds Amounting to RMB 20 Billion

Recently, BSAM has successfully got official approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission for issuing corporate bonds of at most RMB 20 billion on the exchange, which also indicates the largest quota obtained by BSAM in the exchange market so far. At this point, BSAM has been qualified for cascade-type bond issuance on both interbank and exchange markets.

In 2022, Shanghai Stock Exchange revised and issued Applicable Guidelines No. 6 of Shanghai Stock Exchange for Corporate Bond Issuance and Listing Review Rules— Optimized Review of Well-known Seasoned Issuers, which is an optimized review arrangement mechanism designed for high-quality issuers with high market recognition, significant industry status, well-established corporate governance, sound operating financial status and rich experience in bond financing. In echo with this revision, BSAM successfully applied for the qualification of well-known season issuer recognized by Shanghai Stock Exchange. Under the strong support of corporate leaders and regulators and the active cooperation of relevant internal and external institutions and authorities, BSAM successfully registered for exchange-based cascade-type corporate bonds.

The successful registration of exchange-based cascade-type corporate bonds furnished sufficient financing quota for the operation and development of BSAM, broadened the financing channels of the exchange, further built up the image and influencing power of BSAM in the bond market, and laid a solid foundation to make a good start in the first quarter of 2023.

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