“Bird's Nest” Is Named Your Favorite Olympic Stadium

The Bird's Nest, also known as the National Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has been named the winner of a global online poll for “Your Favorite Olympic Stadium” organized by the Olympic Channel under International Olympic Committee.

On Aug.,8, 2008, the grand and magnificent National Stadium made its shining debuts. An unparalleled Olympic Games has made the world remember this architectural miracle and told the world the "Chinese Story". Since then, the "Bird's Nest" has written a brilliant chapter in the history of the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) hopes to deliver more exciting content of the Olympics to young people all over the world through the Olympic Channel.

It is learned that the main stadiums for 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2016 Rio Olympics and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are among the competitors for the crown. 

The Bird’s Nest is named after its unique architectural appearance. Its jagged steel structure intersects with the ground base, looking like "trees and roots". Its appearance is reminiscent of a cradle nurturing life and a nest that breeds offspring.

The subsequent operation of the Olympic venues is a recognized  problem worldwide. As the builder and operator of the Olympics stadium, Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (BSAM) invested and completed the construction of five Olympic venues including the National Stadium, the National Aquatics Center, the National Tennis Center, the Hockey Field and the Archery Field at a high level for 2008 Beijing Olympics. After the Olympic event, BSAM has undertaken the operation and comprehensive utilization of the National Stadium and the National Aquatics Center.  

BSAM upholds the business philosophy of "social benefit first and economic benefit oriented", and has input more cultural, sports, financial, venture capital and other resources into the development of the National Stadium, in order to give full play to the social benefits of the Olympic venues, help the stadium embarking on a broader path of development through diversified operations, fully demonstrate to the world the core values of the Olympic venues, i.e., serving the country, serving the society and serving the general public, blaze a trail for the subsequent operations of the Olympic venues at home and abroad.  It has set a benchmark and created a "Chinese experience" in this regard.

The World-renown Asian Culture Carnival Held at the Bird’s Nest

Global Top Football Clubs Compete at the Bird’s Nest

Big Pop Concert

Happy Snow Season at the Bird’s Nest

“Beijing Opera at Bird’s Nest”Performance

Junior Baseball Invitational At the Bird’s Nest

2019 “Make Dreams ·Bird’s Nest”Audiovisual Light Show 

The opening ceremony for 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games will be held at the “Bird’s Nest”,making the venue the only stadium in the world to host the opening ceremony for both Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. By then, the “Bird's Nest” will once again join the world in a wonderful, extraordinary and impressive Olympic event.  

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