Stunning Appearance at CIFTIS | High-Quality Development of BSAM as a Propeller towards a Better Life

On September 4-9, 2020, China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services 2020 (CIFTIS) was held in Beijing. BSAM played an active part in this fair. Many of subsidiaries under the umbrella of BSAM rooted for this grand event, and vividly shed light on high-quality development achievements in the fields of finance, cultural tourism, digital technology display, preparations for the Winter Olympics and smart and livable city in recent years. BSAM also provided venues, power connectios, electronic signature, exhibition & display and other service guarantees for a complete success of CIFTIS 2020.

Financial Services Contributing to Real Economy

As a municipal state-owned enterprise with the largest asset size and the most complete framework in the financial industry, BSAM takes the initiative to leverage its advantages in the financial industry and vigorously contributes to real economy. At Financial Service Exhibition of CIFTIS 2020, China Beijing Equity Exchange, an important platform built by BSAM for facilitating the construction of factor market, demonstrated outstanding achievements in the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, the disposal of government assets, the optimization of business environment in Beijing, the construction of Beijing as a national-class cultural center, the construction of Beijing as a national-class scientific and technological innovation center and coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

It is reported that China Beijing Equity Exchange is playing an ever-increasingly significant role by helping fulfil mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, streamlining, improvement of quality and efficiency, transformation, upgrading and other core tasks in the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises. In the first seven months of 2020, China Beijing Equity Exchange completed a total of 3,090 state-owned assets transaction projects with transaction value of RMB186.223 billion. Among them, 103 mixed ownership reform projects of state-owned enterprise were completed, up 21.18% year on year. Gross transaction amount reached RMB39.352 billion, up 47.34% year on year.

Preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics Underpinned by a “Chinese Solution” 

The Winter Olympic venues, under the management of BSAM, were unveiled at Winter Sports Exhibition and Sports Service Exhibition of CIFTIS 2020.

As the constructor, transformer and operator of the three major venues dedicated to the 2022 Winter Olympics, BSAM fully complies with the philosophy of “Green Olympics, Shared Olympics, Open-style Olympics and Honest Olympics”, and explores for “repeated, comprehensive and sustainable utilization” of the Olympic venues in the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics, thereby contributing to the development of the Olympic Movement. “Ice Ribbon” achieves innovations and breakthroughs in design concept, technical process, material selection, construction technique and other aspects, and crystalize into “Chinese experience” can be used for reference by the international community. Furthermore, National Speed Skating Oval has become the first Winter Olympics speed skating venue with natural refrigerant carbon dioxide as a freezing medium in the world.

Through “Water-Ice Transformation”, Beijing National Aquatics Center has changed into “Ice Cube” and the curling venue for the Winter Olympics. In this way, “Ice-Water Two-Wheel Drive” has come true. By the end of 2020, in addition to enjoying the fun of water sports in “Water Cube”, the people can also experience “Olympic-grade ice sports” in advance at Ice Sports Center of “Ice Cube”.

Through “Water-Ice Transformation”, Beijing National Aquatics Center has changed into “Ice Cube” and the curling venue for the Winter Olympics. In this way, “Ice-Water Two-Wheel Drive” has come true. By the end of 2020, in addition to enjoying the fun of water sports in “Water Cube”, the people can also experience “Olympic-grade ice sports” in advance at Ice Sports Center of “Ice Cube”.

A New Landmark for Cultural Experience and Consumption on the Horizon

Longfu Temple Cultural and Creative Park, built by BSAM, made debut in Tourism Service Exhibition of CIFTIS 2020. In recent years, BSAM has focused on old city feature protection and urban renewal, and has made every effort to build Longfu Temple Area into “Top-notch Icon of Old Beijing City Revitalization”. Longfu Temple Area will develop into a world-class destination of cultural and artistic consumption, characterized by “the complementary splendor of traditional and modern cultures and the harmonious integration of Chinese and world civilizations”.

After smooth operation over the past year, Phase I of this project has become an integrated cultural and creative park integrating WeWork, art gallery, boutique bookstore, specialty restaurant and other business formats in one. Longfu Cultural Center, which is unique in the ancient capital city, has also emerged as a destination of online celebrities. Phase II of this project, which has commenced in April 2020, covers mending project of Dongsi Metro Station, the reconstruction of Longfu Plaza and the reconstruction of Changhong Cinema. An international cultural exchange experience block is on the horizon. In the future, BSAM will further put Controlled Detailed Planning for Functional Core Area of ??Beijing into practice, make every effort to build Beijing as a national-class cultural center, and promote the development of Longfu Temple Project into a new landmark for cultural experience and consumption in full swing.

Telling Chinese Story through Digital Technology

As a well-known player specialized in digital technology, Crystal CG Co., Ltd presented its achievements at Cultural Service Exhibition in Cloud Exhibition Hall of CIFTIS 2020: service guarantee for large-scale celebration events of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, digital content and exhibition display services for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, digital visual display services for World Internet Conference 2016-2019, related digital technology displays for Shanghai World Expo and the 2008 Beijing Olympics…These major projects with global visibility are all vivid practices made by Crystal CG Co., Ltd to tell Chinese stories through digital technology.

Furthermore, at CIFTIS 2020, Crystal CG Co., Ltd gave full play to its own advantages and provided high-quality digital technology display services for a number of thematic exhibitions on winter sports, cultural services, tourism services and convergence media. By integrating high-tech and culture in one, Crystal CG Co., Ltd made due contribution to the success of CIFTIS 2020.

Technological Innovation Enabling the Construction of Smart and Livable City

BSAM works hard to grow into a domestic leading brand of smart city and information security service provider, and actively echoes with governmental and social needs with technological innovation. At Service Robot · Intelligent Technology Exhibition of CIFTIS 2020, CAPINFO Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of BSAM, struck a pose with its independent product: “Venue Alliance Health and Epidemic Prevention Series Service Product”.

This service adopts smart terminal face recognition to retrieve health code information, which can accurately confirm the identity, and conduct real-time linkage with the gate machine image and voice for feedback. It is a versatile helper for access control under various scenarios, such as city-wide municipal service halls, communities, commercial supermarkets, buildings, hotels, airports, hospitals, scenic areas and enterprises. This service expands the application outreach of grassroots services, and lays a foundation for the exploration of the construction and operation mode of the urban brain system.

As a professional network trust and digital security service provider in BSAM Family, CAPINFO Co., Ltd not only demonstrated cutting-edge cryptographic technology and electronic contract services at CIFTIS 2020, but also rendered exclusive electronic signature services for CIFTIS 2020 Digital Platform. It not only optimized the flows, improved the efficiency and reduced the costs for enterprises, but also was quite useful for online negotiation and contract signing at CIFTIS 2020.

Yue Peng, Secretary of the CPC BSAM Committee and Chairman of BSAM, points out that BSAM participates in the first major offline international economic and trade event after the COVID-19 epidemic in order to highlight its confidence in high-quality development and demonstrate its achievements in epidemic prevention and control and economic development. As a state-owned enterprise headquartered in the capital city, BSAM will, with a more enthusiastic mindset, spare no effort to implement new ideas on development, forge new development patterns, make progress in technological innovation, business format innovation and model innovation, bravely keep forging ahead, and make positive contributions.

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