Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park Project
Debut of “National-level Sports Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone”

In May 2019, thanks to the leadership and support of BSAM, Beijing Guoyuan Sports Culture Investment Co., Ltd. obtained the right to use the state-owned construction land on the north side of Nanhaizi Park, which will be earmarked for Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park Project.

This project adheres to the development philosophy of “Industry Leadership, Global Vision, Innovation-oriented Demonstration”, lays stress on sports industry and sports leisure industry as the core, carries forward the cultural heritage of the “Royal Garden” Sports, absorbs high-quality resources from leaders engaged in sports industry, boosts sports industry reform and development, and exemplifies healthy lifestyle. This project is situated at Zone B of Nanhaizi Country Park in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with total construction land area of 51,700 square meters, the planned above-ground construction area of 81,600 square meters and the surrounding supportive park greenbelt area of 470,000 square meters.

As investor and operator of Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park Project, Beijing Guoyuan Sports Culture Investment Co., Ltd., also a subsidiary of BSAM, has started to provide enterprises in the park with a full range of industrial supportive services, such as industrial incubation, capital investment, platform promotion, policy consultation and intermediary services. It integrates the characteristics of the sports industry and the superior ecological environment resources of Nanhaizi Country Park, offers fashionable sports and leisure activities for local enterprises and urban residents, and sets the pace for industrial, work and office styles in the future.

On March 23, 2020, Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park Project obtained an official reply from Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration Committee for project initiation approval. In the future, Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park will be built into a “National-level Sports Industry Innovation Demonstration Park specialized in football industry as the core and characterized by industry leadership, international exchange, fashion sports and high-end service sector”. Moreover, sports industry development center, sports industry headquarters base and sports training and comprehensive service center will successively take shape to furnish a wealth of industrial development carriers for the national-class sports industry association headquarters, international sports industry organizations and sports technology innovation enterprises. In this way, the planning idea of “Olympic Green in the north of Beijing and Nanhaizi Park in the south of Beijing” is expected to come true.



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