Beijing Integrated Circuit Design Park Co., Ltd

Beijing Integrated Circuit Design Park Co., Ltd. “the Park” established in January 2002 is located in Universiade Village, Zhichun Road, Haidian, which is the core area of Zhongguancun Science City. The Park has 50,000 square meters industrial service space including Quantum Core and Quantum Ginza Plaza.

The Park fully implements the national innovation driven strategy and take fully advantages of location. After completing its historical mission to serve the integrated circuit design industry, The Park has currently turned into the first Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Base in Beijing. We clarify the development strategy of “Gathering first-class innovation projects, building a first-class innovation ecology, and developing a first-class AI original innovation base“Beijing AI Park”, focusing on gathering first-class independent innovation artificial intelligence hard & core technology projects and entrepreneurial teams, with excellent incubation services to promote the transformation of scientific and technology.Beijing AI Park has steadily grow into an important window for Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (BSAM) as the construction of science and technology innovation centers.

We strictly select the high-level original technology projects so that Beijing AI Park has outstanding AI features. Over 83% of enterprises and institutions are related to AI hard & core technology innovation, e.g. Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, Date Grand, Oushu, China-LBS, UISEE, Neural Galaxy, PHYTIUM, Sensors Data, Enflame,Rossum Robot, Recurrent, I-tage etc., which collaborate with Beijing “three science cities and one economic development zone” platform on science and technology innovation. A number of innovation projects have achieved rapid growth from scratch to domestic first-class products in Beijing AI Park.

Beijing AI Park has outstanding advantages on technology innovations. The entrepreneurial teams in the park have gathered a group of world-class top experts in the technology field, including 2 foreign academicians, more than 50 industry experts, and about 200 PhDs. The innovation capabilities in the park are significantly improved by aforementioned high-level innovation resources.

Beijing AI Park has developed rich entrepreneurial services to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Beijing AI Park has been not only equipped with Smart Future lecture hall, shared meeting room etc., with a rich office space pattern from one table to the whole independent office, but also assembled dozens of entrepreneurial mentors in the areas of management, finance, intellectual property etc. , carrying out a wealth of entrepreneurial tutoring and one-to-one industrial chain docking. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSAM,the Park introduces the financial service system of BSAM to provide the whole life-cycle financial services and industrial chain docking for the small and micro enterprises. Under the adverse effect of COVID-19,the rate of working resumption in Beijing AI Park has increased in reverse. On the premise of completing the epidemic prevention and control requirements,the overall enterprise valuation of the Park has been about CNY 30 billion.

Under the strong leadership and command of the CPC Central Committee, the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Party Committee of BSAM, Beijing AI Park contributes to carrying out the mission, to promoting the innovative practices, to building an innovative country.

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