Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd

Dynagreen, invested by BSAM, is a conglomerate engaged in recycling economy and renewable energy industries with a registered capital of 1 billion Yuan. Its scope of business covers investment and construction, operation and management, technology R & D, supply of core auxiliary equipment and consulting services in relation to urban household garbage and medical waste disposal project, offering overall solutions to urban garbage disposal. Dynagreen is a “state-level” high-tech company/a corporate technology center and one of Shenzhen’s top 50 technology companies recognized by Shenzhen Municipal Government, as well as one of the key Chinese environmental protection companies and top 10 garbage disposal brand enterprises. Dynagreen has participated in the formulation of various national and industrial standards, and is certified by the management system certification integrating 3 standards, i.e. ISO9001for international quality, ISO14001 for environmental management and OHSAS18001 for vocational health/safety assessment.

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