Beijing National Aquatics Center (“Water Cube”)

National Aquatics Center, the only Olympic venue constructed with donations from overseas Chinese, and a symbol of Beijing, was selected by the US’s Business Week as one of the “Top 10 Newly-built Architectural Wonders of China”. During the 2008 Olympic Games, swimming, diving, water ballet, water polo competitions were held in the gymnasium, which was also praised and recognized by athletes as the “Water Cube” and the “Holy Palace of Swimming”.

Beijing National Aquatics Center Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSAM, is committed to the post-Game operation and management of Water Cube, and has achieved fruitful outcomes in the aspects of comprehensive utilization and diversified development of venues, thus becoming a paragon for post-Olympics venue utilization. The National Swimming Tournament, the Short-course Swimming “World Cup” Series Tournament Beijing Competition, the Diving “World Cup” Series Tournament Beijing Competition, the grand “Dreamlike Water Cube” Acousto-optic Waterscape Concert, the Panorama Ballet “Swan Lake” were all held successfully in the venue which has become a large indoor multifunctional water center for not only grand international competitions, but also public water game, fitness, cultural and leisure, tourism and visiting services.

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