The National Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”)

National Stadium, the main stadium for the 29th Olympic Games selected as one of top 10 world architectural wonders of 2007 by the US’s TIME magazine, as well as one of the “top 10 newly-built architectural wonders in China” by the US’s Business Week, is a stadium capable of accommodating approximately 100,000 audiences, where the opening and closing ceremonies, field and track games, the final of men’s soccer of the 2008 Olympic Games were held; after the Olympics, the Stadium is used to hold special and important sport games, a variety conventional competitions and non-competitive contests, becoming a sizeable special-purposed venue in Beijing offering sports activities extensively participated in by citizens who may enjoy the sports games, culture performance and recreation events, as well as a landmark structure in China.

BSAM, the controlling shareholder of National Stadium Co., Ltd., holds 58% of its shares and leads its operation. National Stadium Co., Ltd. is responsible for investment/financing, construction, management, operation and post-game utilization in relation to the Bird Nest, and has successfully organized a number of branded events, such as the Turandot, Bird Nest Summer Music Festival, Jackie Chen Concert, Italian Super Cup, Barca’s tour to China, ROC Racing Championship, Bird Nest Happy Ice and Snow Season, etc. The Company is committed to building the Bird Nest into a world-class post-game Olympic venue brand and a highlight for the construction of the world city of Beijing.

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