National Speed Skating Oval

Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., as the representative of government contributors of the National Speed Skating Oval, and the investor of social capital determined through competition jointly establish the owner entity for the construction and operation of the PPP project. Upon completion, the National Speed Skating Oval will become the first ice venue in Beijing that can both serve international skating events and be open to the public all over the year. It will also be the landmark building for the comprehensive development of the Olympics Games, especially winter sports in China. As an important new competition venue in the Beijing Competition Zone of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the National Speed Skating Oval covers a land area of approximately 17 hectares with a floor area of around 80,000 square metres (excluding the underground parking garage). It can accommodate 12,000 spectators. During the 2022 Winter Olympics, the National Speed Skating Oval will serve as the competition and training venue for speed skating in the skating event. After the Olympics, the National Speed Skating Oval and the facilities within the planned area will jointly provide an essential place for ice sports, which will be a location  for all international events related to ice sports (speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling, etc.) and for various ice performances as well as the daily ice sports of the public. Moreover, it will become an exhibition and exchange centre to displaying the milestones of China’s winter sports and the construction and achievements of the 2022 Winter Olympics to showcase the Winter Olympics and its culture, and at the same time provide preconditions for building itself into a ISU Center of Excellence. As a carrier for the memory of the Winter Olympics and the spread of health concepts, the Oval will offer more tangible and intangible assets and become a multi-functional sports venue that integrates “sports events, mass fitness, cultural leisure, exhibitions, and social welfare”.

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