Beijing SMEs Credits Re-guarantee Co., Ltd

Beijing SMEs Credit Re-guarantee Co., Ltd., established on November 16, 2008, is China’s first provincial-level policy-related re-guarantee institution set up with approvals of relevant national and Beijing municipal authorities. The Company, whose controlling shareholder is BSAM, has a registered capital of 1 billion Yuan.

In line with the principle of “Policy-guided Strategy, Market-oriented Operation and Corporate Governance”, the Company provides various Beijing-based SMEs credit guarantee institutions with re-guarantee services, and has accumulatively offered guarantee to more than 5,000 firms, and boosted the “Beijing SMEs-The Star of Growth” Collective Trust Program” and the issuance of the “High-tech SMEs Collective Bond”, making itself a primary platform which offers financing services to Beijing-based SMEs. Beijing SMEs Credit Re-guarantee Co., Ltd. will achieve a guarantee size of 100 billion Yuan in 3 years, when more than 10 thousand of SMEs will be benefited.

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