Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Co., Ltd

Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Co., Ltd., established on February 28, 2002, is a wholly-owned company of BSAM with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion Yuan. With thriving modern manufacture in Beijing as its objective, the Company is dedicated to constructing itself into an important investing and financing platform for modern manufacture in Beijing, and has effectively exerted the role of industrial development fund and national key technological special fund in government-oriented investment guidance; through handling stock assets in a flexible way, and by utilizing new conceptions and tools for capital management, Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Co., Ltd. has utilized foreign capital and private capital, expanded its aggregate industrial investment, thus accelerating the adjustment of state-owned industrial economy layout and structure in Beijing, and optimizing the industrial structure of Beijing’s modern manufacture.

Through 9 years of development, Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Co., Ltd. has achieved a net asset growth from 5 million Yuan to 3.3 billion Yuan, a total asset worth 4.6 billion Yuan, and has invested in 54 projects, forming a investment structure focusing on the 6 major sectors of automobile and parts, bio technology and pharmacy, electronic information, machinery and equipment manufacture, new energy and energy conservation/environmental protection and industrial base construction. The Company has invested 1.88 billion Yuan in the field of automobile, making great contributions to the Beijing’s sound pattern, where the annual production value of automobile may hit 100 billion Yuan and the coordinated and high-speed development of automobile and component will be basically formed.

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