China Beijing Equity Exchange

Beijing Equity Exchange is a comprehensive trans-region, trans-industry, and trans-ownership equity trading hub established with the approval of Beijing Municipal Government, by restructuring and consolidating former Beijing Equity Exchange Center and Zhongguancun Technical Equity Exchange. The Exchange has invested and established China Technology Exchange, China Forestry Exchange, Beijing Environment Exchange, Beijing Financial Asset Exchange, as well as Beijing International Mining Exchange, and is entrusted to manage Beijing Petroleum Exchange. At present, the grouped development framework has been basically established, so has the equity trading framework system featuring "1 exchange supports 10 others". With annual trade volume surpassing 220 billion Yuan, Beijing Equity Exchange has become China's biggest equity exchange at the moment.

As a new capital market platform for state-owned asset transactions, unlisted company equity transfer, SME investing and financing comprehensive services and physical asset trading, the Exchange has vitalized a great number of companies both in Beijing and other parts of the country, and is committed to building itself into an exchange with the size of transaction surpassing 1,000 billion Yuan in the upcoming 5 years.

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